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EPI CENTAR International

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OpisEPI CENTAR (ECONOMY, PLANNING, INNOVATION) is a private consulting company, established on November 1, 2005 as a spinoff of the CARE International Macedonia. EPI CENTAR has four staff on board – full time, with wide range of expertise in providing consultancy services, financial planning and modeling, market research, as well as administrative and logistical support to different development initiatives. Over the years our team has successfully prepared and implemented numerous projects in the field of agriculture, agribusiness, ecology and rural development. We obtain our results by permanent monitoring of our activities and the progress of our partners. Through our work we have gained significant experience that contributed to the development of various service packages for providing the needed expertise to our partners. EPI CENTAR practices tailor-made approach for each partner by thorough analysis of their specific needs along with innovative sustainable solutions and tools for implementation of the recommendations.
Vrsta organizacije Ostalo,
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